Friday, May 28, 2010

Acts of Love Update

Acts of Love, my second published book, has been available as an e-book for several months. It will soon be released in paperback.

A brief description:

Acts of Love
is a cozy mystery/ romance, featuring Amanda Reed, an aromatherapist with two cats and a secret past. Her love interest is homicide detective Santiago Yazzi (Yazz), a man with Apache, Chinese, Italian, and Navajo ancestors. The story is set in fictional Dos Rios, at the southwestern tip of Arizona, a land that Yazz's forebears tamed. Drugs, murder, and kidnapping rip open the shameful pasts kept carefully concealed by Amanda and Yazz, forcing them to forgive old and new betrayals before they discover the secret love hidden deep in their hearts. Amanda and Yazz are supported by a mixed cast of characters, including Naomi, a saucy retired nurse; Quincy, an organic farmer; and Lily, a feisty octogenarian.

Excerpts are on my web page:

Click on "excerpts" in the navigation box. Since Acts of Love is my second published book, you will need to scroll down the page past A Perfect Body to get to the excerpts.

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