Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Dream Home

My dream home includes a central room with floor to ceiling bookshelves on all walls. In the middle of the room, there’s the most comfortable chair in the world. Beside the chair is the lamp, with the bulb at the perfect angle and emitting the perfect intensity of light for reading. There’s also a small table. I’m sitting in the chair, reading, my favorite activity.

Sometimes there’s a cat purring of my lap. Other times, a dog lies sleeping at my feet. Depending on how I feel, there’s either a mug of hot chocolate or a snifter of brandy on the table, within easy reach. Most of the time, there’ll be string music softly playing—piped in, of course, since I won’t give up book space for a sound system.

My dream home has the usual complement of other rooms—kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. I have no idea what they look like, because I’ll spend only the minimum amount of time in them. I’ll be in my reading room, enjoying my books, my music, and my animals.


Robin said...

I am enveloped in peace after reading about your dream room.

Bliss Addison said...

Looks like we have similar dream homes ... did I see a fire burning in the hearth?

Cassandra said...

Hi Bliss,

A fire only if someone else is splitting and chopping the wood!