Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We’ve received lots and lots of snow recently, with more on the way. Unless all the weather forecasts are wrong, I can expect to see big wet flakes falling again when I get up tomorrow morning.

I start early every day on clearing out my driveway, even before the snowfall stops, as it’s easier for me to shovel a few inches several times than it is to shovel the whole thing one time. I don’t mind - there’s a certain stillness in snow falling in the early morning that’s very peaceful, even magical.

I walk the dog mid-mornings, and am usually rewarded with incredible beauty. The snow had just stopped falling one morning just before we started our walk, and everything was pristine white. The sun peeked out for a few minutes, turning everything around us into sparkling crystals.

The crystalline beauty, the green trees, boughs laden with snow, and the blue sky - it was one of those special times. The sun appeared only briefly, but the beauty was all the more special for the briefness.

The sky soon turned leaden again, the magical silence was soon broken by the sounds of traffic, tire chains clanking, on the highway, and I knew I’d spend the afternoon shoveling more snow, if not from the driveway, then from the roof.

But for those few moments, I knew sheer joy in the beauty surrounding me, as my dog and I made footprints side-by-side in our own winter wonderland.


Homeopath said...

Just found your blog..... Interesting.....I’ll be back to read more.

Bliss Addison said...

I loved this post! I enjoyed every minute of your trek.
Have a good one.

Cassandra said...

Hi Homeopath,

Thanks for the visit!

I've self-treated myself for years with a variety of homeopathic remedies. I also use the Bach Flower Remedies with great success.

I use herbs occasionally, but haven't studied them enough to know all the interactions.

I love the safety, and effectiveness, of homeopathic and flower remedies.


Cassandra said...

Hi Bliss,

Some of the charm has worn off the snow, now that there's been another four feet or so of it. :-) Lost track of how many times I've shoveled out the driveway and cleared the roof.